Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Lots of good news...Jake passed the MO bar...Jake is officially an associate at the firm he's been clerking at in Columbia...and he's already been in court TWICE!!! I'm so proud of my husband...the big ATTORNEY!! Congrats Jake! California...check. Missouri...check. Only 48 states to go! :) (Do it and DIE!) We love you, sweetheart.

Oh yes...and there are several new posts below. Please take the time to scroll down and check them all out. I've kept the dialogue to a minimum.


Sydney AND Jackson started preschool last week. They're both getting so big! I'm so glad they're such great friends. They were so sad they couldn't be in the same class...but I think absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Making Cookies

Rainy days mean lots of time inside. So what to do? Make cookies...lots and lots of cookies. :) It's a great activity for the kids if you can turn your head on all the mess. Of course, for me...the worst part is trying not to eat all the dough. Why is it so good??? The vanilla-y, almond-y goodness...I just can't get enough!I love how Kate is kept so far away at first...and Sydney is wearing her cookie-baking outfit

Kate is loving finally being involved

thank you, grandma!

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa Skousen! I love my new ballerina dress!

running through the sprinklers

One hot night, the kids decided they couldn't take the heat any longer and ran through the sprinkler...no time for swimsuits!

Jackson is getting quite the physique! He IS the man of steel, after all.

Born to dance...or for musical theater...but something big.


Bug-proof hats from Army Surplus store...canteens...pocket knives...tall grass at grandma's house. Braden and Jackson were on safari for hours!
So many days I really miss our days in NYC and all the craziness we left behind there for the simplicity of life here...not really intending to. But then days like this come along and I see how happy Jackson is...taking in all the fun of big fields and forests and the freedom he has to wander around here and I forget, even if it's just for a few minutes, how much we loved the city.