Friday, March 26, 2010

Kids, kids, kids

My posts have been so few and far between lately that a lot has been going unreported. Mostly by the kids. First off, Jackson is growing and growing. All of his pants are too short for him! That's frustrating to me, but great for him. He's one of the tallest in his class and he loves being able to reach lots of things. He's also strong enough to man-handle Max, which is really helpful. Most of all, he loves to learn and explore and have fun. His favorite primary song is Follow the Prophet.
Sydney is in dance and getting ready for her big recital in May. Of course, at 3 they aren't really advanced, but they sure are cute and she's learning the building blocks for later. She loves her ballerina and tap shoes and follows directions really well. She's a headstrong little sucker but once she sets her mind to something, you can't distract her. She loves playing with Jackson and is quick to say "I love you" and give lots of hugs and kisses.
Kate is still our little sweetheart. She is so happy all the time! She occasionally gets upset about something, but is quick to return to her smiley self...even after Max has tried to knock her down! He loves trying to play with her! She is talking up a storm these days, though we only understand 2 or 3 words in her 10 word sentences. She also repeats everything we say...another good reason to watch our words! And yes, she just turned two. The next post will be of her birthday, but I have to get the pics from grandma!

Big J Turns FIVE

In February, our big guy, Jackson, turned 5! Some days it seems like he's so much older than that and yet, I still can't believe how fast he's growing up.

Things Jackson has assured me he can do now that he's 5: buckle his seatbelt and Sydney's in the car, finish his own drink at Sonic (not a shared one with Sydney), sleep without the bathroom light on, shoot bb guns with daddy (actually, he thought he should be allowed to shoot without daddy, but I assured him that 5 years was NOT old enough for that), pick his own clothes to get dressed, put on his own socks, ride the bike daddy bought him last year, reach the cups on the top shelf in the cupboard.... and the list is updated every day.

Why I'm excited Jackson is 5: He is such a big help with his sisters and the dog, he tries really hard to do good things to surprise me, he can tell when I'm getting stressed and all of the sudden becomes really responsible, still has the most tender heart and loves hugs and kisses from me, he loves taking Sydney on adventures and they play for hours...and my list gets longer every day.
The cake Jake made...awesome again!!
The friends all gathered to partake of the cake!
The friends all gathered to "help" open the gifts!
Jackson super pleased with his superhero toys!
All of the kids finally coming down from the frosting high, watching Spider-Man.