Saturday, September 29, 2007

A new friend

Now most people won't see why this is funny, but we tried and tried to get Sydney to take a pacifier when she was a baby. Unfortunately, she never would, even after trying every brand available. She did, however, find comfort in her thumb just like her older brother. I was not excited about this because Jackson is still sucking his thumb with no signs of stopping. Anyway, yesterday Sydney found this pacifier in the toy box and thinks it's really funny to put it in her mouth. I'm not going to start this habit...but I think it's kinda funny too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Joy School Dilemma

We've been doing Joy School for Jackson with 5 other kids in the ward for 2 weeks now. I was a little apprehensive getting Jackson into this group because 4 of the 6 kids did Joy School last year and are a year older. PLUS...the 4 older kids are also girls and I DO believe this makes a difference in their ability to sit still and listen. Jackson loves going to Joy School but has a problem staying engaged. He gets bored and just starts running around. So now I'm trying to decide whether to keep taking him, knowing that the assistant teacher spends a lot of time just getting Jackson to sit down. I don't want the other moms to resent me for the distraction. I do feel like given time, Jackson will grow accustomed to the format and learn to sit and listen, but I don't know how long I can handle the "no, he did ok" response said with a telling sigh. I'm teaching next week so I think I will be able to make a new evaluation then, but then again he won't act the same when I'm there.

Maybe Joy School will turn into Home School...time will tell.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A poem

Ok, one last post for today. (This really is my catch-up day...not to be confused with ketchup day) After the post about Sydney and Kendra's son, Parker, I thought I ought to share this poem Jake found. I'm positive we will read it at Sydney's wedding someday.

Song To Be Sung by the Father of Infant Female Children
by Ogden Nash
My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky;
Contrariwise, my blood runs cold
When little boys go by.
For little boys as little boys,
No special hate I carry,
But now and then they grow to men,
And when they do, they marry.
No matter how they tarry,
Eventually they marry.
And, swine among the pearls,
They marry little girls.

Oh, somewhere, somewhere, an infant plays,
With parents who feed and clothe him.
Their lips are sticky with pride and praise,
But I have begun to loathe him.
Yes, I loathe with loathing shameless
This child who to me is nameless.
This bachelor child in his carriage
Gives never a thought to marriage,
But a person can hardly say knife
Before he will hunt him a wife.

I never see an infant (male),
A-sleeping in the sun,
Without I turn a trifle pale
And think is he the one?
Oh, first he'll want to crop his curls,
And then he'll want a pony,
And then he'll think of pretty girls,
And holy matrimony.
A cat without a mouse
Is he without a spouse.

Oh, somewhere he bubbles bubbles of milk,
And quietly sucks his thumbs.
His cheeks are roses painted on silk,
And his teeth are tucked in his gums.
But alas the teeth will begin to grow,
And the bubbles will cease to bubble;
Given a score of years or so,
The roses will turn to stubble.
He'll sell a bond, or he'll write a book,
And his eyes will get that acquisitive look,
And raging and ravenous for the kill,
He'll boldly ask for the hand of Jill.
This infant whose middle
Is diapered still
Will want to marry My daughter Jill.

Oh sweet be his slumber and moist his middle!
My dreams, I fear, are infanticiddle.
A fig for embryo Lohengrins!
I'll open all his safety pins,
I'll pepper his powder, and salt his bottle,
And give him readings from Aristotle.
Sand for his spinach I'll gladly bring,
And Tabasco sauce for his teething ring.
Then perhaps he'll struggle through fire and water
To marry somebody else's daughter.

The Children's Museum in Richmond

September 15, 2007

For some reason, joining the children's museum in Richmond, VA is $75 cheaper than joining here yet you can use your membership here and there. SO...I joined down there while visiting Peter and Michelle and will be enjoying the member benefits here in NYC! Michelle and I took the kids to the museum while the guys studied. The kids had such a great time...especially getting wet!

Babies on the beach

July 2007
Bear Lake was a lot of fun...especially for the babies. The all-you-can-eat sand buffet was a favorite. Isaiah really got into it! Sydney tried to help brush it off his face.

Finally we just had to strip them down to clean them! I'm sure Sydney will love looking at this picture when she's older.

Surviving the Zip Line

While visiting Utah in July we decided to finally take advantage of some of the "touristy" stuff there. Jake, the kids and I headed to Park City with Joe & Heidi and their kids and Ben & Britt and their kids. We paid the $19 a ticket to ride the zip line down the mountain. It was really fun and quite a rush...but not worth $19. Here's a picture journal of our trip (split between the boys and the girls). ride the ski lift up the mountain. Then they strap you in the harnasses and make you prop yourself up by your legs against these big steel doors that snap open and send you hurtling down the mountain. That part is the biggest rush...awaiting the doors to swing open. Once your coming down, it's just fun! Of course, Brittany screamed the whole way down, as you can see in the picture...and we could all hear from the bottom of the mountain.

A dream come true???

July 2007

In college, Kendra and I used to talk about our kids being best friends or even marrying. So this is the first time we've had children the same age but opposite sexes. I think there's a love interest in the making here...Parker and Sydney Wirig? :)