Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Update 2010

Because Jr. will be along so shortly, we decided to forgo the usual Christmas letter and card...opting to wait and send out a Valentine to include our newest edition in the pictures. (Also, I think I'm a little too surly right now to send out an "It's A Wonderful Life" letter) But I do feel so bad that we aren't sending something to all our friends and family to let them know we're thinking of them during this holiday season. I so wish we were able to have everyone over to our house to sit by the fire, drink hot chocolate, and catch up on all the fun things everyone has been doing. Of course, I would have very little to add on this front as my life pretty much revolves around my weekly and sometimes bi-weekly trips to all my doctors who are working so diligently to make sure this baby gets here safe and sound. I'm trying my best to make this season fun for the kids...doing art projects, taking them shopping, making cookies and treats for ourselves and neighbors, and of course, the traditional holiday cleaning. (Ok, that's more my pregnancy nesting, but maybe they'll think of it as a tradition and keep it up!)

Our tree is up and our stockings are hung. My sweet, patient husband even put some lights outside for me. This week I discovered that our camera we thought was dead, is not dead afterall, so there's a nice Christmas present in and of itself! Hopefully that will ensure more pictures soon...especially of Christmas and subsequent baby.

Both Jackson and Sydney had school Christmas programs, both of which were very well done. Jackson really sang in his concert, which made me so proud. If he can overcome his anxiety of public performance, he will be quite the singer. Sydney's preschool program was very cute. The teachers had the kids recite several things and sing lots of songs, all of which Sydney participated in. Again, proud mama. Jackson is making a lot of progress in kindergarten, learning how to read and write very well. He has a lot of friends and makes more everywhere we go. Sydney is a drama queen, but super affectionate and loving. She's very smart and we're all excited to see what she does with her quick mind. Right now, it's only used for trouble.

Kate is having a ton of fun un-decorating and re-decorating the tree over and over again. She walks around the house belting out Jingle Bells and making up her own verses.

Jake is being the most patient and loving father and husband a sick man can be. We've all been battling colds and his seems to be lasting the longest! He is patient with me and all my mood swings and bouts of impatience. He has even stopped commenting on my compulsive apples-and-peanut-butter habit. The kids seem to be particularly amped lately with all the Christmas excitement and we're both working hard to enjoy it without wringing their necks.

Me, well, I'm 35 weeks pregnant. The little email update from Baby Center tells me that at this point the baby has very little room to move around and will likely stop moving so much. Huh! This kid is all over the place, it's just more uncomfortable for me now! :) The cankles are here to stay and the most comfortable position right now is horizontal...which I don't get too much time in because of the 3 other munchkins. Jake has commented a few times, "I guess I just forget how BIG you get." Yep. I'm THAT big. I'll post a pic sometime just to prove it. I mean, this is about the time you lose all dignity anyway, right? :)

We do wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you're all able to be with loved ones. We are blessed beyond measure. We're so lucky to be able to spend Christmas in a warm home with my parents and my brother's family. We're so grateful for the gift of our Savior and for this season to celebrate it. May you all be blessed too!

Monday, December 6, 2010

are you crazy?

I know these were the looks I was getting at Wal-Mart tonight. You know that look...the one where they look at your children, look at your pregnant belly and immediately judge. I know occasionally it's a look of sympathy, but mostly it's a self-gratifying, "at least I'm not that stupid" look.

For us, the witching hour for the kids is between 4:00 and 6:00...they're out-of-control crazy because they're so tired, they yell, scream and fight each other if we attempt to leave the house...that is, if they're not asleep in the car. Obviously I know this and yet I still sometimes attempt a trip to Wal-Mart under these circumstances.

So am I crazy? yes.

Bad news? come January 13th, life is going to get even crazier!

Good news? these crazy, toddler years only last a moment and I get the rest of eternity to be with all these sure-to-be-amazing spirits.