Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Cards from Grandma

Gramma & Grampa Grampa Jorgensen sent some Halloween cards for the kids. The kids were excited to get mail and excited about the $5! I promised to take them to McDonald's for Happy Meals on Wednesday. I also included a couple other cute pics...I just loved Sydney's tights and thought they warranted a picture. One of the perks of having a girl! Jackson was equally cute sitting on the couch playing with his "bee boo" (belly button) but that was because of him and not what he was wearing.

By the may have noticed and even criticized Sydney's unruly, wispy coif. Yes, she has funny hair. It's messy all the time and is like corn silk. It's getting thicker, but very slowly. I'm absolutely sure it will be years before I can sic my hairstyling skills on her...dang the luck!

Costume Trial Run

The kids got dressed up for the ward Halloween party...Jake and I wimped out. We discussed all being super heroes since that's what Jackson was, but when I started thinking of costumes, I decided none of them would be very forgiving. So we spent our energy on the kids' costumes. Sydney was Tinkerbell, courtesy of Ben & Britt...Katrina was a very cute Tinkerbell last year. Unfortunately the wings didn't survive the year so Jake had to make some. They were perfect! Jackson was "Super Jackson" and I just made the logo for the shirt and cape by modifying the Incredibles logo. He was perfect for the part. He ran the whole way to the church (3/4 mi.) periodically stating, "Super Jackson to the rescue!" He loved his cape so much he wore it to church the next day. Jackson's best friend at church, Brooklynn, was Wonder Woman...very fitting. Maybe someday they'll be the Incredibles!

The kids will get another try at the costumes on Wednesday. Halloween is so fun around here...I'm excited to take them Trick or Treating. I don't know if you're familiar with the children's singer Dan Zanes (you may have seen his "Neighborhood Party" on Disney Channel--he has really crazy, messy grayish hair) but he lives in our neighborhood and leads a Halloween Parade in a park down the street every year. We'll do that then walk around the neighborhood collecting candy from people sitting on their stoops.

Chili cook-off update

Just another reassurance that I'm not the great cook I think I am sometimes. I made chili and a pie for the ward party last night. Neither landed in the top 3 spots among 20+ different pies and 20+ different chilis. Oh well...I just need to keep trying. I think I just need to be more creative. I tend to make the old stand-bys. I'll keep watching the Food Network.

Pumpkin carving

Jackson and Jacob carved a pumpkin together...well, Jake carved and Jackson stabbed the pumpkin with the pokers and cutters. He did a great job cleaning out the pumpkin though...once Jake convinced him the goo in the middle would not "get him." Jake told Jackson that the image they carved in the pumpkin was Jackson with horns. Jackson then took that to believe that HE has horns. He told G'ma and G'pa that he had horns and they did too.

My kids have attitude!

At a mere 15 months old, Sydney is starting to demonstrate some extreme preferences. She knows what she wants and she will yell to get it. She's a great kid, but she's got attitude. This picture just captures it so well...I had to share. And yes, she is wearing boy's pjs. They were Jackson's.

I also had to include a couple other cute shots. Jackson's favorite thing to do after getting out of the bathtub is to run into the living room to whomever his audience may be and chant "naked boy, naked boy." He especially loved doing that when Grandma & Grandpa were here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The I-poddy

We're suggesting it as the next innovation from Apple. You've heard of the Ipod, now get the Ipoddy! I can envision some hi-tech toilet where you can surf the web, check your email and even listen to mp3's. Actually though, it's just what Jackson calls his new Ipod. Jake had a credit at the Apple store and we decided this great distraction would be the perfect way to spend it. Now when we're stuck on the subway or I'm walking through stores, I can pull out the Ipoddy and Jackson can watch Finding Nemo or listen to some of his favorite songs! It's so worth it. My mom and dad are in town this week and when they first saw it they both raised an eyebrow at the extravagence for our 2.5 yr old least until we were on the subway for 45 minutes and Jackson sat quietly the whole time. Meanwhile, Sydney wanted in and out and to sit with me, then Grandpa, then get the idea.

The other new term from Jackson is "boozecase" or "bruisecase" both referring to the briefcase Jake just gave him. He likes to carry his cars and trucks in it. He looks very professional.

I have some great pix to post of this week but they're still on my camera. I'll download those tomorrow when it's not after midnight.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I saw some people blogging about their addictions so I thought it might be fun to post a list of ours...and maybe a little cleansing to get them all out in the open.

1. Diet Coke...or Cherry Zero, or Diet Dr. Pepper, or Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. (Or if we're lucky enough to be by a Sonic, a Route 44 Vanilla Diet Coke!!!!)
2. Mazzola's strawberry cream cheese croissants.
3. Nino's fresh mozzerella & basil pizza.
4. Five Guy's famous fries & fry sauce.
5. When in Utah...Cafe Rio's Pork Barbacoa burrito!
6. Ice cream! (That's mostly Jake...he has a bowl almost every night and I blame his mom for that!)
7. Crystal Light fruit punch...our family drinks a LOT of this!
8. Robert's Gourmet Pirate Booty (this is Jackson and Sydney--but they need to be represented too)
9. Blogspot...I love looking at friends' blogs. Unfortunately I don't have that many bookmarked yet so I have really high expectations for those that I stalk! ;)
10. Kakuro--it used to be Sudoku, but I've moved on to this new game
11. Law & Order--Criminal Intent, SVU or just the old standby, I love them all! I can't get enough of the "bong bong"
12. Scrubs--Friends is still my first love, but there are still several episodes of Scrubs I've never seen, so it's my newest obsession (thanks a lot Brittany!)

I'm sure there are others...but that gives you a glimpse into my sick, twisted life. Don't judge me!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jackson's first gun

I have been very reluctant to toy guns in our home. I have enough problem keeping Jackson from using every other toy like a gun. Well, this week Jacob and Jackson MADE a rubberband gun. It's still not a favorite of mine, but I let him play with it when dad is around.

Playgroup at the park

Some of you may wonder what life in the city is like with 2 kids. Well, these ladies know! Pictured here is a pretty good sampling of our weekly ward playgroup. Notice all the strollers, strapped with bags and bags of "stuff" collected throughout the day. In fact, my stroller is the red one in front and you will notice there's not really room for my kids. This day was my day to teach at joy school so I had a plethora (I used that word for you, Kendra) of crap to bring along so the stroller was doubling as my "trunk". Anyway, the kids love running around and playing on everything and the moms usually sit and watch until one of them hurts another badly enough that we have to get up!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chili Cook-Off

Our ward chili cook-off is in a few weeks. Last year I tried a new recipe the day of and it didn't turn out. I still took it because I figured if it was a ward thing, some other not-so-great recipes would be there too. I was right, but I don't want to be part of that group this time. Anyone have a fabulous chili recipe they'd like to share? I found an excellent rated one on All-recipes...but I'd rather get one from someone whose taste I know!

Joy School Update

This week it's MY turn to teach Joy School. This was going to be my acid test for whether or not to keep Jackson in or not. Now I get it that kids act differently when their parents are around, but if by chance Jackson were to behave even CLOSE to the way he did yesterday when anyone else was trying to teach I would be MORTIFIED! He was awful. He was running laps around the room, hiding under chairs, stealing my teaching props...just terrible. Well, I shouldn't even say that...he was being a rambunctious 2 year old and everyone else in the room wasn't.

Anyway, the decision has been made. I think it's just too early to expect this behavior from him so I'm going to pull him out. I wish we could do a group with some younger kids, but none of the moms of the kids his age really wanted to do it. Maybe I can talk them into something after the first of the year. I'm just not going to put Jackson or I through the stress of it any more. I'm teaching again tomorrow and will assist in the classroom next Tuesday so we'll continue till then so we don't throw anyone else off.

Even if he acts a lot better when I'm not there, I'm always going to be worried that he will behave the way he did with me. He's not a bad kid, just energetic. I don't want to get so stressed about this that I try to fix something that's not really broken.