Sunday, August 3, 2008


Jake joined us on Friday after having taken the bar exam in California! WOW are we proud of him!! His hard work and undying efforts are finally behind us. I'm so proud of all the hours and sleepless nights he has dedicated to this task...not only the exam but the 3 years of law school...several years of undergrad...all of it! I'm brimming with pride when I see what a hard worker he is and all he has accomplished. Congratulations Jake! You did it! We did it! I'm so happy to be together again!

So now we have the task of packing all our stuff and moving on. First, to Missouri for a layover at my parents till we nail down a job. Then on to California. Wow. It's so sad to say good bye to New York and our home here. It has definitely become a home to us. It's been so hard, but so wonderful at the same time. Anyway, more about all that later.

For now, we're happy to have Jake back! We're anxious to get back to Jackson and Sydney in Missouri where they're staying with my parents while we pack up the apartment. Then we'll be a family again!
This is Kate's "job" while we pack...just hanging around! :)