Sunday, July 15, 2007

Princess Sydney turns ONE!

Our little Sydney turned ONE this week! She's been walking for a month or so now, but is getting more and more brave about it every day. She will now walk the entire length of the apartment without holding on to anything. She gets so excited when she does it you can see in the photo. Her hair is so "fly away" and fuzzy. It reminds me of a dandylion gone to seed.

To celebrate the day we went on a walk to get some balloons and a new video tape to capture the event then came home for cake and presents.We made the cake to look like her "kitty" which is basically her security blanket. Unlike Jackson, Sydney was not into "diving" into the cake she would screamed when Jake shoved her hand in the cake and would not taste it till I fed it to her on the spoon. Then, of course, her highness loved it. She can be such a priss! I'm absolutely positive Jackson will knock this out of her. She's such a fun girl though. Her smile and squeals can light up any room and soften even the most hardened passerby.

Earlier this week we had a preliminary birthday celebration at Coney Island. We went to the aquarium and rode the famous Wonder Wheel. We also had funnel cake and Nathan's hot dogs. I'm sure we had way more fun than Sydney did, but it was a great excuse to do something special as a family.
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Here goes nothing!

I've been trying to keep people posted via our family website and have failed miserably. I hope maybe this format will be a little easier to keep up to date on. Maybe no one will read this but Kendra, who is my inspiration for this blog, but that's ok too. She's at the top of my list of "people I need to keep in better touch with" (and if I tried to actually post that entire list it would be really long) so hopefully this will do the trick! We're off on a month-long vacation this week and I hope to post some updates along the way there too.