Saturday, April 19, 2008

Central Park

Our favorite playground in Central Park has this amazing stone slide that the kids just love. Sydney was a little apprehensive to ride alone, but with Aryn's coaxing, she made it a couple times. She and Aryn rode down together several times (thanks Aryn!!) and had a ball! Jackson is like a machine when we're there...running up the stairs over and over to ride again and again. This time, Jackson even joined the bigger kids and slid down on his coat, making the trip MUCH faster. He even flew off the end of the slide a couple times but laughed it off, unscathed.


Tomorrow our little Katydid will be one month old! She's such a sweet little thing...we are all falling in love with her. I still don't feel like we've captured just what a beautiful baby she is in any pictures we've taken. She's still pretty red from the extra red blood cells, but that's getting better. She smiles a lot in those moments right between awake and asleep. She's a very content little girl...mostly only fussy when she's hungry, but otherwise happy to look around and take it all in. She still has lots of curly, dark hair that we're hoping she keeps, but as the first bout with cradle cap starts to appear, we're a little concerned all the hair will fall out and she'll probably end up with dark blond hair like her brother and sister.

Kate's Hero

Jackson is Kate's biggest fan. He loves to hold her and lay by her and touch her and sing to her. It's so sweet to watch and he's very good with her. For the most part she loves him too, though you can tell on occasion she's not super excited that he's holding her hand while she's sleeping. I get the feeling that Jackson and Sydney will have the love/hate relationship where they will play all the time and tease each other too, but I think Jackson will be Kate's protector.


While Grandma J. and Aryn were here, Jackson was DYING to sleep on the blow-up mattress in the living room. I remember feeling the same way when I was little...sleeping anywhere but in your own bed always felt so exciting.

A couple nights after Grandma left, Jake agreed to have a sleepover with Jackson in the living room. They ate crackers (UGH...the crumbs!!) and cheese and watched King Kong...very manly. It would've been a perfect evening had the mattress not sprung a leak and they had to abandon ship around 3:30 am.

Sydney's bob

Sydney's hair is super-straight, wispy and thicker in the back than in the front. In an attempt to "work with" these predicaments, I've kept her hair bobbed, hoping the front will eventually catch up with the back. I thought I would share some photos of her recent hair cut. Occasionally she'll even let me put a bow clip in it. She's going to be a fashionista, I can already tell. By then she'll curse me for ever letting her wear her brother's hand me down pjs.


Sydney is the new resident "tough kid" around here. After baths our kids LOVE to run around naked. Jackson is usually yelling "NAKED BOY!" and Sydney makes up her own little chant, leaving on her hooded towel to act as a super hero cape. Recently, Sydney was on one of her rescue missions as resident post-bath super hero and she had a battle with a bed corner. She lost. She took it very well though and still continues to fight the good fight every night after her bath.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My little kleptomaniac

Monday was my first brave trip to the city alone with 3 kids. Ok, I wasn't completely alone...we met up with a friend there, but we managed the subway (and more importantly, the subway STAIRS) all by ourselves. Luckily, Jackson and Sydney were very well behaved and Kate slept most of the time. There were a couple of harried moments...this picture, for instance. We stopped in at Dylan's Candy Bar for a treat for the kids. At one moment I was breastfeeding Kate, Sydney was crawling on a table removing big lollipops from a glass vase full of gumballs, which she also ate, and Jackson was balancing on a peppermint bar stool, having a cotton candy bag fight with his friend James (with Cotton candy we HADN'T purchased). Gladly, they had the music up loud and my rants and raves couldn't be heard by all the folks there trying to enjoy their fun afternoon. Of course, a moment later, Milkshake came over the speaker and all the kids were dancing...shaking their cute little bums for all the world to see. We were laughing so were all the on-lookers.

We stopped in at Gap to do some "wish shopping" that is, where you walk around the store with all the things you'd love to buy, then come to your senses, realizing you have no money, and put everything back. What I didn't realize is that Sydney was doing a little wishing of her own and about an hour after leaving the store and a couple miles later, she proudly showed me her new tiger...which we HADN'T purchased! I could've died. I'm sorry to report we didn't run right back because it would've taken at least an hour to walk back there, then back to the subway, etc. so I have vowed to pay the $5 the next time we pass a Gap store. She's done this once before with a toothbrush at Target. When I went to the customer service desk a couple weeks later telling them I wanted to pay for the toothbrush you would've thought I had a third eye or something. They were so shocked that I made the effort to pay the $2.5o for the toothbrush that would probably never be missed.

Friday, April 11, 2008

So blessed

I really do feel so blessed. In the wake of Kate's arrival we have been showered with love and support. My mom was supposed to be here for the birth to take care of Jackson and Sydney but with the early induction, she missed it by a few days. Luckily, my wonderful friends here in Brooklyn quickly stepped in and took the kids from sunrise till well after sunset.

Since then, we've had several meals brought to us from neighbors and friends. We've gotten packages and presents and phone calls...all this attention to remind us we're loved when we're feeling overwhelmed and tired.

My mom and niece came and helped us so much in this transition. That was such a blessing. Sydney is still calling for Grandma and Aryn every morning from her bed. We miss them!

And finally, my amazing husband and kids. Jake has done so much in the past few weeks to help out above and beyond school and studying. Today he took the kids on errands and to the park so I could have some time to myself and tonight he's having a slumber party in the living room with Jackson on the blow up bed. He's a great dad and a great husband.

So to all of you who've contributed...even if it's just a friendly comment on this blog...thank you! Your thoughts and love are felt and truly appreciated.

The quintesential question


Having Jackson around is like living with the riddler. He is CONSTANTLY asking questions, his favorite being "why?" Most of the time there is a reference..."why is that man running?" "why are we putting our coats on?" and sometimes they are a little more abstract..."why are your jammas red?" "why is your skin pink?" (He's very interested in colors.) Well, the other day in the bathtub he said, "mom, why?" and I said, "why what?" and he demanded "WHY?! Tell me!" These are the hard ones to answer. I took the question to Jake and he said..."42, of course!" (Funny if you've read/seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.) If any of you have a better answer I'd love to hear it!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two weeks old

Kate is now two weeks old. It's hard to believe she's been here that long. Perhaps that's because she is such a quiet baby. We never hear from her until meal time. Usually, she's just sleeping or quietly gazing around the room. When she is asleep and starts dreaming, she often opens here eyes and moves her arms as though she were awake. Jake loves it ("Ooooo, psycho, voo doo baby!" ) Apparently the temporary paralysis of the dreaming state hasn't kicked in yet. We might have a sleepwalker on our hands. By way of a status report, she's almost back up to her birth weight of 8 lbs, 13 oz, her mommy adapter (umbilical cord) has thankfully departed, she doesn't follow objects with her eyes yet - but she seems close, she sleeps best in her swing (no surprise there), and otherwise remains a cute but "useless" (Jake's term) bump. "Pick up your own binkie!" Jake playfully orders with a grin on his face. He couldn't be more loving with her.

Having my mom and niece, Aryn, here has sort of left me feeling like I'm in an alternate universe. I'm not doing any of my normal-life stuff...which is good in a lot of ways. It's been nice to be able to concentrate most of my efforts on Kate and adjusting to life with 3 kids (and getting some extra sleep during the day)! I don't know that I've prepared any sort of proper meal in all the time since the baby. I'm not missing the work either. But when life returns and we can all get back to the normal life (as though 3 kids in NYC even approached normal), it'll be a nice break from all this excitement. Until things settle down, having mom and Aryn here is such a blessing. They are a huge help.

Jackson and Sydney are adjusting well. They really love Kate and always want to hold her. They seem to have grown from the experience too. Sydney doesn't play the "baby" much anymore. Maybe that's temporary - hopefully not. Both kids seem to go off and play, leaving me and Kate to eat and relax.

Here are a few pics of Grandma Jorgensen & Kate. It's been so wonderful to have my mom here with us. The kids love her so much and she's helped us out a ton. We're so blessed that she has the flexible schedule and means to come be with us at such a fun time.