Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm not ready for how cute this is!

Kate just GIGGLES whenever Jake or I enter a room. How can you not just love her?? She is the sweetest little girl. She's getting into everything these days as she's discovering the new world available to her now that she can crawl, stand and climb. It's a bit of a problem when it comes to the stairs, but we're trying to help her with that.

She has a fun little personality and I can't wait to watch her grow up. Her hair is super crazy these days and instead of trying to tame it, Jake has been embracing it and blow-drying it straight out all over. It's a show stopper all right...especially in church.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yes, I've been neglectful. The past month has been bleek on the blog front and even January was just shy of shameful. But now I'm playing catch up. Here is an onslaught of catch-up posts. Don't worry if you don't wade through them all. In fact, you'd probably have to scroll back a few pages. But I have to get them up. And there will be more catch-ups tomorrow. So hold on tight and at the end of the week, Jake will be back, the storm will end and hopefully I can renew my efforts to stay on top of this...because I really enjoy doing it and love looking back at it...but slightly less than spending time with my family...which is what I've been doing. (Not that those of you who are great bloggers aren't...I just haven't been managing my time!)

Captain Hook & TinkerBell's love child

A Big Pirate Day

Six 4-year-olds and a plethora of other children and parents...lots of candy and cake...two projects that involve goo and hand washing...all the makings for a really fun party. I don't remember exactly how we landed on "pirate party" but we did. Jackson wasn't particularly into pirates, but I wanted to make these treasure stones so we somehow went from that to this. No turned out really cute and fun and the kids loved it!

My scallywags

Walking the plank...a seemingly boring "game" but the kids loved it!
The finished treasure stones (see work-in-progress photos in previous post)

Breaking open the treasure stones with a hammer...a particularly satisfying activity
Pillage the Pirate--a pinata
Scurvy Dogs--Braden and Jackson
The treasure map money cake
In Jake's family there is a tradition they have of making a cake with money in it. Everyone gets a piece after accomplishing some task and they get to find the money in the cake and keep it. We thought the kids would have fun with this and it was definitely in keeping with the treasure map theme of the cake. So the kids didn't really eat this cake...for fear of biting into some coins, but they loved digging through it! We did give them perfectly delightful cupcakes to eat instead! :)

PS--A big thanks to my mom for all the help she gave us in preparation for this party and for surrendering her special day to accomodate this party. Yep---we had it on Friday, the mom's SEVENTY-FIRST birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mom!!!! Don't worry...we celebrated her b-day too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentines Ambush

We really love my brother, Brad and his family. (Yes, I love all my brothers and their families, but this post is about Brad, in particular.) They are always doing cute things to make us feel so loved. This was the treat we woke up to last week for Valentine's Day...the whole front porch decorated with fun notes and treats for everyone. It was like Christmas!

Cute Valentines on the door

Individual treat bags for everyone

And these pictures are just evidence of how much my kids love their cousins. Every day they ask to go to their house or have them come over.

Thanks for all you do for us guys! We love you tons. You make living here so fun!!

Birthday preparations

February 15th was Jackson's 4th birthday. In good, fourth birthday form, we threw "Captain Jackson Sparrow" a Pirate Party. So here are some of the pre-party preparations for the big day.

The invitation

Inside the treasure stones--made with coffee grounds, sand & flour

No...they're not what you think they are!!!

The money cake--to be explained
The EDIBLE treats--Jolly Roger cupcakes
Pin the eyepatch on the pirate

Braving the cold

Jackson and Sydney have not gotten out in the cold very much this winter. One, there hasn't been much snow so there's not much fun in that, and two, I don't really enjoy being in the cold unless there's snow to play in. But when the snow hit a month or so ago, we braved it and played, snow-angeled, and shoveled. Oh what fun...

Fat baby in a little wagon