Tuesday, August 24, 2010


You know when you haven't written in your journal for so long that you feel like there's too much to say so you just don't write anything because you feel like you'd have to write everything? That's where I am right now...feeling completely overwhelmed by all the months that have gone by without blogging and now there's just so much to do. So here's what I've decided. Tomorrow I leave for Portland, OR for one of my dearest friend's, Cara's, wedding to her sweetheart of forever, Rob. I'll be back next Monday. At that time, I will jump in...with both feet. Jackson is in school now and I usually have an hour or so in the mornings before the girls get up so I'm going to slowly spit out pictures and info. They may not be in the right order and you may not care about a lot of them, but I need to get them "on the record."

To be blogged:
1. End of preschool for Jackson and Sydney
2. Summer in Moberly...pool with cousins, family reunion, etc.
3. I'm pregnant! (with a boy)
4. Sydney's 4th Birthday
5. Trip to Utah and Bear Lake
6. Jackson starts kindergarten!!!

and many, many more random and fun photos...and maybe even a video of Kate singing, "You are my sunshine..." which is just the most adorable thing ever! :)

See you next week! xoxo