Friday, April 9, 2010

Kate's birthday

Our little Katybug turned TWO on March 20. Though she doesn't look too pleased in this first picture, she was actually delighted and just upset that I took her away from her cake for the photo with the poster Brad made for her.

Kate is the happiest little girl. She is super smiley and has an infectious giggle. She is a little parrot and repeats the last three words of any sentence we say. She talks all the time and is always telling on Jackson, Sydney and Max...and likes to make things up too. The other day she reported, "Daddy spank me!" I knew it was a lie because Jake was on a campout. I think she just runs out of things to say so she makes stuff up. :) She loves Jackson and Sydney and wants to play with them all the time. She is also her grandpa's girl and wants him to walk around with her outside constantly. We're so in love with Kate and can't imagine life without her! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


A couple weeks ago we enjoyed some early warm weather. The kids loved getting out on the swing set and in the playhouse with Max. I took some shots around the yard so you could see it before spring exploded...which as I write has. Those pictures will be up next.

This is the magnolia tree....pre-buds.

This is the garden plot...anxiously awaiting its seeds. Can't you just see big tomatoes and cucumbers and pumpkins and strawberries...lots and lots of strawberries.

Yes...this dog is like 3 times bigger than the last time you saw him.