Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jake!!!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. OK, maybe "sweet" isn't the word to describe him unless you're saying it in a surfer tone "SWEET!" This has been a really big year for our family, all thanks to Jake. He took and passed yet another bar exam, got a job, bought us a house, and moved us into said house in the rain. (Slightly less miserable than the conditions of our UT to NYC move, but only slightly) He works so hard and sacrifices so much for us and I love him. The kids adore him! He can't get a moment's peace when they're awake because they're all clammoring for his attention.

Jake is a man who knows a lot about a lot. I'm so glad he knows how to keep our family happy and healthy! Happy Birthday sweetheart! 243

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Picture Day

Last year, our pictures were less than desireable. I brought the whole family to Jackson's school to get pictures from a professional photographer. Unfortunately, they had an elaborate backdrop that was mostly drab brown and the kids just got lost in it. This year, I requested that the backdrop be left out and that they just take a "regular" looking school picture of just their faces. I'm very pleased with the results...I sure love my cute kids!