Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My men

Yes...the ranks are now even. There are 3 Skousen men in this house to attempt to counteract the estrogen. I'm not sure how well it's working...the girls are pretty dramatic, but these boys are really cute.

Jackson is such a great big brother. He loves Ozzie and only hates that he's not old enough to play yet. He holds him and kisses him every time he leaves the room. Jackson is working hard to learn everything about everything so he can teach it to Ozzie...this is really exhausting for me...LOTS of questions! He's going to be a smarty pants though.
Jake is such a great dad! The kids LOVE him, even while being scared of him! :) They love climbing and playing with daddy and best of all...being TICKLED. Ozzie is still learning to love Jake...right now he prefers to snuggle with mom.
The little man at 4 weeks. He's getting so strong! He's always lifting his head up to look around and he's standing when we hold his arms. He's a pretty fussy baby right now, but getting better and better all the time. I'm just thankful it's not colic...he is consolable...just usually only by mom. I do love a good snuggler though and that's what he is!


Yes, we were hit by the blizzard. I feel lucky that we've missed such storms in the past. There was a blizzard in New York while we were living there, but we were here in Missouri visiting my parents. There have been a few blizzards here, but we weren't here. There was no avoiding it this time! We stocked up on food and fuel (in case of power outages) and hunkered down. Jake had 2 days off of work and Jackson had 4 days plus a weekend off of school. It was crazy! But it was kind of fun too. I had to stay at home with Ozzie anyway, so the whole family got to be here with me!
Max investigates as the snow begins.

A light dusting on the house.

The aftermath...even Max gets stuck!

Buried in the white stuff!

"Daddy...we can't open the door!!"

PS...as I type this, a week and a half later, it's 60 degrees outside! That's Missouri for you...if you don't like that weather, just wait five minutes. "Here in Blaine, I think we can get that down to three or four."