Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mommy look...

I cut my hair! Harrowing words for any mother to hear from her 2 year old daughter with scissors in her hand. Sydney has always had super straight, wispy hair, but we usually kept it looking cute and girly. Well, she took care of that. I'm very proud of myself. I didn't yell...I was really just sad. I started to get a little teary and Jake immediately asked about my blood sugar, assuming that I had to be low to be so sad about this event he found so hilarious. I assured him my blood sugar was fine, I was just mourning the loss of my girly girl who loves pigtails and curlers. If it weren't for dang Gilmore Girls, this never would have happened! Jake and I were in the SAME ROOM with Sydney while she did this. I was watching Gilmore Girls and trying to explain to Jake why the Gilmore Girls are so wonderful. Sydney is very stealthy and snuck in and cut her hair all under our radar. I can't really blame Sydney...she sees me cutting my own hair all the time...and the hair of everyone else in the house. It was only a matter of time. It definitely could have been worse. Those are the things I keep telling myself. The resulting look isn't that's kinda cute actually...right?!
The carnage

Mom is NOT happy

Trying to fix it

Happy, cute girl...who will wear very girly clothes so no one asks how old my son is!

Friday, November 21, 2008


After yelps and whoops and's official! Now what?! Disneyland????? No...just Twilight with Jen.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In less than 30 hours...

Some of you may have clicked on the title of this post on your blog readers thinking this would be a post about the "Twilight" movie. Of course I'm excited about that and I'll probably see it sometime this weekend. But infinitely more important than that...tomorrow marks a momentous day for Jake and our family.

You may remember this post. Yes, even though Jake finished law school in May and studied and took the bar exam in July, TOMORROW is results day. California consistently tops the charts for the number of people taking the bar exam. Part of that has to do with the fact that they allow you to take it over and over until you pass and since it has the lowest passage rate in the nation (therefore we deduce it is the hardest) they take FOUR, that's right FOUR months to get the results out. SO...tomorrow is results day. Tomorrow, everyone that took the California Bar Exam will be trying to log onto this one website all at the same time to see whether their name is on the list of those that passed. To top that, there is a disclaimer on that one website that says that the results on that website should not be relied on and that the only verifiable answer is sent in the mail. (Those letters go in the mail tomorrow too.) In fact, we've heard two stories of friends who looked at the website on the day they were to find out and their names weren't there yet when they checked again later, their names were on the list. So if Jake's name isn't on the list tomorrow, I will still hold a small ember of hope and await the letter in the mail. (And continue to check the website every 20 minutes or so!)

Anyway, I just wanted to take this chance, BEFORE results were posted, to congratulate Jake on all his hard work! I'm so proud of him for all he has accomplished over the past few years. If he doesn't pass the bar this time, he'll retake it in February. (UGH--and study that big stack all over again!) Not the best case scenario, but doable. I actually feel really good about all of it and I'm really excited to check the website tomorrow because I'm confident that Jake's name will be on the list. If Jake is not yet fit to practice law in California, it's only because the examiners couldn't meet him. If you've met Jake, you know he's perfect for the job. His intellect and engaging personality make him ideal for this profession. I just hope they don't make him take this stupid test again to prove it!

We're behind you 100% either way babe! x0x0x0x0

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Coup??

Every year, toy manufacturers advertise a few toys A LOT then they don't distribute as many of those toys to the stores so that the demand for those toys goes WAY UP. When I was little, it was the Cabbage Patch Dolls. My mom tells stories of looking at store after store for a Cabbage Patch doll that year and finally buying one from a neighbor who bought it at an auction. Now you can find Cabbage Patch Dolls everywhere...but don't expect to find the Playskool Tonka Bounceback Racer everywhere. This toy has been on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and featured in the Wal-Mart and Toys R Us toy catalogs. We looked online and at store after store, only to be met with "currently out of stock" and empty labeled shelves. Finally, we found the LAST ONE at a Target 45 minutes from my parents' house. Jackson better like it.


If you've looked at my best friend Kendra's blog you've seen her quote on the side--" I just thought it would be a good idea to have one more thing I feel guilty about not i started this blog. " Unfortunately, this is also me. I have been feeling guilty for weeks now as I put off posting the pictures of the kids trick or treating. I even wrote a post that just needed pictures. Eventually I will post these pictures in that post so that it will be in the correct order and with a nice story about trick or treating in Moberly, but I thought I would do the kids justice and first post the pictures right up here at the top. Sometimes I wait so long to do a post that I figure it's "too far gone." Oh well. Here goes...

The kids really loved trick-or-treating and ask to do it every night now. :)

the kids ready for trick-or-treating

jackson the cowardly lion

sydney as dorothy (yes, the picture is fuzzy, but she was just so happy & excited I had to put it up!) with Aryn, 80's Barbie :)

kate the scarecrow

trick-or-treating in downtown Moberly with Connie, Aryn & Braden (we're so happy to be here with them!)

with the neighbor girls, Andrea & Megan

scarecrow & daddy

trick-or-treating at a particularly spooky house

jackson & his preschool teacher, Miss Sandy

jen & her preschool teacher, Miss Karen :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My men

I always thought there would be just one man for me. My whole life I dreamed of this one man who would come along and sweep me off my feet. Well, turns out there are 2 guys who can melt my heart...

That is, until Jackson goes off and melts some other woman's heart. Then it's just you Jake! ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008