Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tagged again! But...

This one is about my hubby Jacob (and I don't know why I referred to him as my hubby...I never call him that!)
What is his name? Jacob Paul Skousen
How long have you been married? 5.5 years
How long did you date? About a year....but we were friends for awhile before that while he was dating my roommate. He took me on a couple "friend" dates during that time.
How old is he? 30....31 in January (I just copied and pasted this "tag" from Kendra and I didn't even have to change this answer...)
Who eats more? Usually Jake
Who said I love you first? Me...he didn't follow up for a couple weeks, but at least I knew he meant it then
Who is taller? Jake
Who sings better? Me...though I think Jake has great potential if he had a little training.
Who is smarter? I would have to say Jake. There are definitely issues that I know more about, but he's a "student of life" and loves to research everything. I used to be smart...I hope I get to go back to school someday...for something.
Whose temper is worse? I tend to fly off the handle more often and he has that slow-burn temper. But once it reaches the surface, I think he takes the cake.
Who does the laundry? Primarily me.
Who does the dishes? Primarily me.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're standing, facing the's Jake
Who pays the bills? Me
Who mows the lawn? What lawn? The most we have to speak of is a balcony covered with tile. Makes for easy mowing.
Who cooks dinner? Primarily me...unless I'm sick or otherwise incapacitated. (See earlier entry where Jake makes dinner with the kids)
Who drives when you are together? Drive? Jake usually pushes the stroller when we're together, but that's because I push it the other 90% of the time he's not there.
Who is more stubborn? Jake
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I would have to consult Jake on this one because I think it's me because I hate fighting, but he might think it's him
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine
Who proposed? Jake
Who has more friends? Me...not because Jake's not friendly, he just doesn't have much time for a social life.
Who has more siblings? Jake for sure...NINE!
Who wears the pants in the family? Sydney

I tag Heidi, Brittany, Tricia, Pam & Krysta

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I realize it was last week. But I'm just now getting around to downloading the pics. We had Joe, Heidi, Kayla & Isaiah come join us in NYC in our tiny apartment this year. It was so worth the cramped quarters...we had such a great time! The kids had so much fun together and it was nice to have some one-on-one time with Joe & Heidi. I don't think we've ever had a chance to spend a few days with them without the entire family there too. We tried to show them the city while making it a relaxing trip at the same time. I think we accomplished a lot. I have oodles and oodles of pictures, but here are a few highlights. We made it to Times Square for lunch at John's Pizzeria, Bryant Park for the holiday shops, Staten Island Ferry for the free view of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Promenade, & Rockefeller Center. We also took the kids to Build A Bear to make Christmas presents, but that's for another entry. We heart NYC!

Me love Uggs!

You've all seen them and maybe some of you have them. They're those uber-popular sherpa-esque boots you see all the celebs wearing in the middle of the summer with their short shorts. The first time I saw them I thought for sure they got that name because they were UGly! Well, they've grown on me. I still can't afford a pair myself, but my neighbor gave Sydney a pair this year, a hand-me-down from her daughter, and they're just the cutest! They're a little big on her, but that thick shearling lining seems to be enough to keep them on.

Finally...the announcement

Hooray, #3 is on the way! We waited a really long time to tell the family about this baby. But finally, we spilled the beans last week. Monday we found out at our really cool, 3-D ultrasound that we're having a seemingly healthy baby girl. (I'm hesitant to say that because it was one of those...well, I don't see anything so it's a girl!) We wanted to think of a fun way to tell the family and knew that everyone would be gathering for Thanksgiving. So after going through several ideas, finally we decided to make some pink sugar cookies to send. We thought we were going cheap, but it ended up being more expensive than we expected, so we didn't even send all the packages we wanted. Inside the box were pink sugar cookies and a sign that said "Sugar and spice and everything nice...that's what our new little girl is made of! Coming March 2008"

I'm hesitant to show these pictures of our cookies because this was our first time with the pour over frosting. I don't think we had the consistency quite right, but they set up ok and tasted great. We had limited counter space so we were trying to speed-dry the cookies with the hair dryer! Jake is such a good little elf!

So there you have it. Baby GIRL Skousen is on her way. I'm 21 weeks along, making me due April 6. Because of my diabetes, the dr's in the past have induced me at exactly 38 weeks to optimize the situation....getting baby out before she's too big but letting her stay in long enough for the lungs to be completely developed. If we follow the pattern of Jackson and Sydney, which is likely, the baby will be here around March 23. (my nephew Brian's birthday!) Maybe we'll push for the day before, a Saturday, and let Brian keep his day all to himself.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I thought this was a fun idea so I'll share some flashback pictures since my blog is so new.

This first picture is Jackson's first Halloween in 2005...fat, chubby skunk.

The second picture is Sydney's first Halloween in 2006...a fat, happy cheetah.

Notice a pattern? Our babies tend to be chubby...and I love it!

The last picture is Jackson singing to Sydney last fall. I just love how sweet Jackson has always been to Sydney. He's just now starting to get a bit more rough with her, but she's also getting big enough to take it. He's still such a great big brother!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I was just looking at my blog and noticing that there is VERY LITTLE about me...mostly just about my kids. I have to say that right now in my life, my kids ARE the most interesting, dynamic thing about me. BUT...someone, some day may want to see something about me. So here goes. Kendra tagged me...

5 things I was doing 10 years ago (1997)
1. at byu living with some really "interesting" roommates (i still don't know why we waited till our last year at byu to live together again least you had fun roommates!)
2. getting ready to fly to albuquerque for thanksgiving with the fam
3. i think this year i was majoring in math education...that was until i did poorly in honors calc 3
4. getting ready to go to ireland for 10 days over the christmas break with cara to visit seton
5. though i don't QUITE remember, i was probably dating random guys from my ward and still dodging phone calls from a crazy old boyfriend from high school

5 things on my to-do list today
1. playgroup at the church with the kids--this is a great activity, especially in the winter time when it's too cold to go to the park and the kids are sick of the house (and it was raining today)
2. mail jackson's shoes back to zappos (too big)
3. sydney's dr's appointment (see previous post for details)
4. clean the house (that one's in sharpie)
5. make menu for thanksgiving (incorporating yummy stuff i ate last night at the relief society dinner)

5 foods i enjoy
1. Brooklyn pizza--Lucali's is yummy, Nino's WAS yummy
2. shack burger from the shake shack
3. i'm with kendra on this one--uncooked baked goods (doughs, batters, struessels, crumbles...)
4. coconut shrimp from red lobster (only because they have the yummy pina colada dipping sauce--and the refillable diet cokes you get when eating there)
5. chocolate covered mint oreos

5 bad habits
1. letting the kids veg in front of the tv in the morning while i come up to speed (and often sitting there with them watching some cartoon)
2. letting piles of stuff develop around the house
3. diet coke (though i'm still convinced this isn't bad...i just wish i had the same love for water that i have for diet coke)
4. spending spare moments on the computer instead of cleaning
5. getting really excited about a new diet or exercise routine and not sticking with it

5 of my favorite toys
1. my jawbone (it's my bluetooth device for my phone--it's so useful when i have to push the stroller all the time and still try to catch my phone calls)
2. my computer--i love checking my email and wandering around on the web looking at websites and blogs
3. my dustbuster--it makes my life so wonderful & so much easier
4. my stroller--again, it makes my life so wonderful & so much easier
5. my kids--i love playing with them and dressing them up!

5 people i tag--i don't think there are even 5 people who read my blog, but i'll think of some anyway!
1. heidi
2. brittany
3. tricia
4. krysta
5. heather

Halloween everyday

Sydney had her 16 month check-up today. She's 31.5 inches and 21 lbs. which puts her in the 70th percentile for height and 19th percentile for weight. I guess if she can keep that up that will make for a tall, skinny babe! Meanwhile, our little troublemaker prefers to wear her Tinkerbell costume over every outfit, every day. I finally took a pic today. She's such a girl...already loves to play dress up!

What a fun dad!

Last night was a Relief Society Thanksgiving dinner. Jake usually gets home too late for me to attend but last night he came home early so I could go. Not only that...he made dinner for himself and the kids...and they made cookies too! The best part is he let the kids help cook! (Though I still think this is why he was having chest pains and problems breathing by the end of the night.) They got started early enough that I got some pix of the process. Sydney is trying to help, but she's really making a mess of that pancake!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Today I did it...I literally spilled the milk...everywhere. Every time I open the fridge the kids come running...Jackson grabbing for the cheese or chocolate syrup and Sydney grabbing for the Capri Suns. I was attempting to make my strawberry pretzel salad today and had the huge concoction on a shelf in the fridge setting up. I was trying to keep the kids away from the fridge because I knew it would get bumped and splash everywhere. Jackson asked me for some chocolate milk so I opened the door very carefully and took out the milk and chocolate syrup. Both kids made a b-line for the refrigerator door. I quickly shut it and asked them to leave. Then as I attempted to put the milk back, again they ran so I tried to slip the milk in an almost closed door. I dropped it. The plastic gallon split down the side and milk spewed everywhere. Then, backing away from the "explosion" I hit the freshly poured glass of milk and it went all over the counter. I was so mad! I immediately screamed for the kids to LEAVE THE KITCHEN! I was so flustered with all the milk everywhere that I just wanted to cry. I started slamming cupboard doors and mumbling to myself. Sydney was crying and wanted to be held because I had yelled at her. Meanwhile, Jackson stood at the edge of the kitchen and said, "Mom, you just need to talk more need to just CALM DOWN. It's just a mess and you can just clean it up." (He uses the word "just" a lot.) He later came back and asked me how the kitchen was coming. He's such a funny kid and it was so funny to hear him use my words on me. I'm glad he was able to keep a cool head. What I'm really scared about is that there is milk still hiding in some crevasse of my kitchen that will smell in a couple days. Ugh...then it will bring back all those wonderful memories of the spilled milk.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Jackson's Playdate with Violet Affleck

It may be "uncouth" for me to walk up to a celebrity and invade their privacy while they're trying to have a normal life, but when my kid is playing with their kid it's not completely inappropriate. Today at the Children's Museum, Jennifer Garner walked in with her daughter, Violet. I was completely enamored--watching her out of the corner of my eye everywhere she went. It's not like a "girl crush" thing, I just get giddy when I have these celebrity sightings. This was my biggest one yet and she was standing right by my friends and I for an hour! We watched our kids playing and Jackson was playing near Violet and suddenly, they were alone on their side of the sand table. They exchanged a few looks and toys, finally Jackson grabbed a toy from her. Oh the horror! At least it didn't haul off and hit her with the metal watering can. A few minutes later Sydney was crawling in the middle of the area and I picked her up. Jennifer asked me how old Sydney was and I told her, then she commented that Sydney was cute and continued talking to her sister. I said thank you and thought it would be a little weird if I talked to her about Violet since if it were anyone else and I suddenly knew their child's name and approx. age it would be weird. Anyway, I wish Jackson would've attempted to make friends...then there would've been an opportunity to chat. What in the world would I chat with her about?? Later I saw her on her cell phone...was she talking to Ben?!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trick or Treating

So here are the official Trick or Treating pictures. It's very different here in Brooklyn than anywhere else I've ever been. People sit out on their steps with bowls of candy so you don't knock on any doors, you just stop at their stoop. Also, there is a constant flow of kids. There were so many people out...and this was at 4:30pm! Some of the pictures are a little fuzzy because the camera setting was off, but you get the idea. The kids had so much fun, despite a rocky start on Jackson's end. He fell asleep at 3:00 and was NOT ready to wake up and leave at 4. By the time we were out though, he really got into it. Sydney walked for the first few houses, then a random dog scared her so I had to carry her. There were several other Tinkerbells on the street, but Sydney was by far the cutest. Jackson was a one-of-a-kind Super Jackson.
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